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     Welcome to the official site for "The Tattoo Factory". Located in Bucyrus, Ohio's downtown district. Formally known as "Image In Ink", The Tattoo Factory is out to set a new "image" in the tattoo industry.

     Our passion as a team is to provide the best customer service and the most artistic value in every piece that we do. We have on site 100's of designs for you to choose from or help spark an idea of what you may be looking to get. Preferably we'd like to take the time and effort to put our own thoughts and artistic touches into your ideas and/or design. We put our all into everything we do and hold nothing back. Body art is a life-long dedication and in that, we take pride in putting your design on paper first so that we can all agree on what is YOUR idea of a perfect tattoo design.

     There is never a stupid question. Ask as many as possible. If you are unsure what is about to happen, you may find yourself unprepared for the tattooing or piercing experience. We are very easy to get along with and will take every precaution to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re under our wing. You are our first priority, and unless you are completely comfortable and satisfied, then we have not done our job.

     Precautions when wanting to receive tattoo or piercing services are EXTREMELY important. Make sure that you are stable enough with your health to be tattooed or pierced. If you have any doubts, either confirm with your doctor or ask us questions. Like I said before there are NO STUPID QUESTIONS. We can't diagnose you or cure any problems you may have, but we can lead you in the right direction of whether or not you should receive services with us.

     If your brother's, sister's, uncle's, friend can tattoo you in his kitchen for 20 dollars...WE DON'T CARE! I mean this in the most modest way possible, but we are professionals. Whether your "artist" is professional, or thinks he/she is, does not matter to us. You are wasting your time telling us, because we will give you the same response every time. Tattooing is forever... and not something to take lightly, so what you do is your business; please don't share it with us.

     Most importantly, we want everyone to know we care a lot about what we do. It is everything to us. You will NEVER receive anything less than our best. If you have an issue with anything regarding us, we will go above and beyond to make sure you are a happy camper. Please take your time to enjoy our portfolios. I hope to see you all in the studio to check out some designs, ask us a few questions, or even just stop in to say HI!

Thank you and God Bless,
Brenton (owner/operator)